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Experience peace of mind with Shingle Hut Complete Roofing Services, the premier choice for expert roof leak repair and maintenance in Cypress, Texas, and the Greater Houston area. Don't underestimate the significance of a minor roof leak— quick action can save you from costly repairs. Our dedicated roofing team, certified by Owen’s Corning PLATINUM PREFERRED, prioritizes superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

Spot an issue? Contact Shingle Hut Roofing promptly for a thorough inspection. Our experienced roofing professionals specialize in addressing various concerns, from minor roof leak repairs to comprehensive maintenance, including missing shingles. As your trusted roofing partner since 2014, we ensure swift and efficient solutions to protect your property's integrity.

Don't overlook signs indicating your roof requires attention.

Keep an eye out for mold, loose shingle granules, cracked or missing shingles, and other indicators such as roof punctures or blistering. Prompt repairs prevent escalation to more severe problems like leaking chimneys or sagging roofs.

Delaying repairs only makes the situation worse – and more expensive to fix (think collapsed ceilings, sheet damage repair, and more)! Our Houston-based roofing team can address issues promptly, protecting your investment from further roof damage. Whether it's hail storm damage repairs or sealing roof vents, our complete roofing services address every aspect of your home’s needs.

Upgrade your roofing experience with Shingle Hut Complete Roofing Services! We offer integrity beyond compare, experience, expertise and a commitment to delivering excellent workmanship and customer service.

Signs You Need Roof Leak Repair

→  Water stains on the ceiling or dripping during rain.
→  Cracked, curled, or missing shingles.
→  Sagging the roof deck requires immediate attention.
→  Roof approaching 15 years or has surpassed lifespan.
Clogged or damaged gutters.
→  Peeling paint, mold, or mildew inside the home.
→  Daylight is visible through roof boards in the attic.
→  Damaged or improperly installed flashing.
→  Poor insulation.
→  Moss or mildew may indicate trapped moisture.
→  Loose shingle granules in the gutter.
→  Roof punctures.

What’s included in the Shingle Hut 21-Point Roof Maintenance Inspection?

1. Inspect pipe jacks
2. Inspect ridge vents
3. Inspect air hawks
4. Inspect HVAC vent pipe
5. Inspect water heater vent pipe
6. Inspect valley
7. Inspect dead valley
8. Inspect field shingles
9. Inspect hip and ridge shingles - Replace up to 10
10. Inspect drip edge flashing
11. Inspect and secure J flashing
12. Inspect and secure L flashing
13. Inspect and seal counter flashing
14. Inspect attic decking
15. Inspect roof accessories (dish, solar fan, antennas)
16. Inspect chimney flashing and cricket
17. Inspect skylights
18. Repaint all roof jacks and vents
19. Reseal fasteners on all flashings
20. Fix any “nail pops” currently present
21. Install disc shields on all standard size pipe jacks

How Can We Help?

Shingle Hut Roofing in Cypress Texas performs roof leak repair and 21-point annual roof maintenance for Houston Texas homeowners.

Contact (832) 324-3484 to schedule your roof inspection & estimate!

Mindy McKay
Mindy McKay
March 5, 2024.
Our roof was damaged from hail and Tyler worked with us to navigate the claim process with our insurance company. Tyler was on top of it every step of the way and has been fantastic to work with. He’s extremely professional, detail oriented, an excellent communicator and super friendly on top of that. After battling the insurance company for months, Tyler and his team got the roof done in one day. Very pleased and highly recommend.
March 5, 2024.
I had a 20 year roof replaced by shingle hut. While the roof itself seems to be well done there were a few things I was disappointed in. My AC was not working after the roof was complete. I am glad I caught it and turned the AC off so it would not burn the motor out. Turns out the AC line was punctured by a nail when the shingles were put in. The AC company had to run a new line from the outside since it was not possible for the roofing company to remove the shingles to give them enough room to fix the old line. Also I had wanted to have my bathroom exhaust to be vented outside instead of the attic and they said it was not possible. Note: I did pay for the roof out of pocket and this was not an insurance claim.
Dora Thompson
Dora Thompson
February 1, 2024.
I know I can count on Shingle Hut to take care of me. Kevin is a pleasure to work with.
K Mattazzi
K Mattazzi
December 20, 2023.
Years after a repair Shingle hut honored their work with no hassle the same day. They took the time to find the problem.
Stacey Bennett
Stacey Bennett
December 18, 2023.
HUT was amazing! The customer service and communication was top notch. They let us know what to expect every step of the way & their employees were on task and cleaned up fantastic!!!
Stephanie Natale
Stephanie Natale
December 15, 2023.
The crew did an excellent job! They were very professional and courteous. They arrived on time and the clean up after the job was excellent. I would highly recommend.
Sylvia Almanza
Sylvia Almanza
December 5, 2023.
If you are looking for a good trustworthy roofing company, please contact Kevin Catchings at Shingle Hut! They provide FREE estimates and their customer service meets all of your expectations. Kevin and his entire team are very knowledgeable and help educate you on roof maintenance. This helps extend life on your roof. This is very important info, especially in this Houston weather. Call them, you will NOT be disappointed!
Ramona Smith
Ramona Smith
December 3, 2023.
I would highly recommend Shingle Hut to my friends & neighbors! Some other companies gave me quotes, which were significantly higher. Shingle Hut & working with Ben Williams was great because I felt he really cared about my budget, plus he was a really nice guy. Ben went above & beyond to work with my fixed income to make it easier for me. It’s truly refreshing to know that good people still exist in the world!
Ken Smith
Ken Smith
December 1, 2023.
Shingle Hut patched our old roof in '22 and installed our new roof in Oct '23. Kevin is great to work with, and helped us understand the various options. Carmelo did a thorough job fixing the old roof, and Christian and the team installing the new one were not only professional, but friendly and polite. We were confident that our roof was in good hands and we'll be contacting the team in '24 to re-do our gutters knowing they care about doing quality work. Helen & Ken
Daniel Nevin
Daniel Nevin
November 29, 2023.
A great company. We have been using Shingle Hut for years for maintenance on our roof, and this year had them replace the whole thing. They do excellent work!


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